tax credit work sheet

As of February 2018, a two year budget deal has been passed that includes an extension of credits for energy efficient home improvements, including purchases made in 2017.

If a taxpayer claimed $500 or more of these tax credits in any previous year, those purchases are ineligible for the a tax credit. Your credit will be valued at 10% of the overall cost of the improvement, up to $500 for entry doors, Solar Eclipse and siding insulation, with a maximum of $200 for windows.

If you did not claim a qualifying tax credit in a prior year, you may be able to file an amended tax return for the year’s return in which you made the improvement — however, you cannot claim it on your current tax return. For information on making an amendment,  you can contact the Internal Revenue Service or work with a tax specialist.

See the information below for assistance with calculating your income tax credit:

Manufacturer’s Certificate