Residential Energy Tax Credits

How to Claim the Residential Energy Tax Credits for 2022

Good news—if you installed our windows, doors, attic insulation, siding, or solar system in 2022, you may be eligible for tax credits to help offset some of the costs.

The federal government offers the energy-efficient home improvement credit and the residential clean energy credit to taxpayers who upgraded their homes with qualifying energy-efficient or renewable energy products.

The tax credit is applied to the year the project was installed. If installed in 2022, you can apply for the tax credit for the 2022 year. If contracted in 2022, but not installed until 2023, the tax credit would apply to your 2023 taxes.

To claim the credits, you need to meet all IRS qualifications and complete Form 5695 when filing your 2022 tax return. We recommend consulting a tax professional to learn more about how these credits could benefit you.

Helpful Resources:

  • ENERGY STAR 2022 Tax Credit Information
  • Power’s Energy Tax Credit Worksheet: Material cost calculations needed for Form 5695
  • NFRC Rating and Energy Star Certifications: Installed our windows? Your tax professional may ask for documentation to claim the energy-efficient home improvement credit. Please check your project specifications document on your Project Pulse page to identify the window models installed in your home. Then, download your certification at the end of this page.
  • Residential Energy Tax Credits for 2023

    If you install our qualifying energy-efficient and clean energy products in 2023, you may also benefit from the energy-efficient home improvement credit and residential clean energy credit. However, the energy-efficient home improvement credit has changed significantly.

    To understand the changes, we suggest reading the IRS FAQ about energy-efficient home improvements and the corresponding ENERGY STAR page. As always, consult with a tax professional to understand how these credits could potentially benefit you.

    More Ways to Get Your Money Back

    Check the resources below to see if there are local or state tax credits and deductions or rebates available to you for purchasing our products.

  • ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder
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