tax credit work sheet

The federal government has renewed a number of income tax credits for
residential energy efficiency. These tax credits are available for purchases made
in 2016, as well as retroactive to purchases made in 2015.These tax credits extend to our windows, Solar Eclipse attic insulation, entry door
system and siding insulation. Your credit will be valued at 10% of the overall cost
of the improvement, up to $500 for entry doors, Solar Eclipse and siding
insulation, with a $200 maximum for windows.

If you have received a tax credit in the past of $500 or more specifically for doors,
windows, or insulation, you are ineligible for this tax credit. If you have received a
tax credit for less than $500, you are still eligible for partial credit.

If you did not claim a qualifying tax credit in a prior year, you may be able to file an
amended tax return for the year’s return in which you made the improvement –
however, you cannot claim it on your current tax return. For information on
making an amendment, you can contact the Internal Revenue Service or work with
a tax specialist.

See the information below for assistance with calculating your income tax credit:

Manufacturer’s Certificate